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This may not be the “Professional” way to do this but those that know me personally know I wear my heart on my sleeve, so here goes….The last three years and 3 months of our lives have been a whirlwind of emotion, adventure, excitement, tragedy, pain, joy, and suffering. We married off two children and welcomed a new Daughter In law and Son In law into our family; we bought a business and headed straight on to update existing systems and implement new systems to make the business current and relevant to today’s changing world. Just a couple of months in I went for a full hip replacement, two more months and we had to have the parking lot ripped up to remove toxic waste from old fuel tanks that were there back in the 80’s. This job was scheduled for three days and ended up taking 2 weeks, three more months down the road and the unthinkable happened, our oldest daughter was killed by a drunk driver; we are barely functioning at this point. We keep plowing forward and to finish up 2016 I had my other hip replaced in December. Needless to say we had a bad first year in business. We spent 2017 recovering, trying to breathe. About half way through 2018 we finally started seeing forward motion, slow but forward. We start getting involved in referral groups and doing community outreach. We are getting great 5 star reviews on Google and Face Book now! We became a Repair Pal and a Maxcare authorized repair facility. We recently added the service of installing Intoxalock breathalyzer units in vehicles for people that have them mandated by the courts to help keep people from going through the same tragedy that we did. We have been continuing to see slow new growth and forward motion so we kept going. Now it is half way through 2019 and although we are moving in the right direction it is not fast enough.

My heart is broken; we have given it our all. To all of our beloved customers, especially those that have become dear friends, to all of our friends and family who have supported us through our endeavor, through illness and tragedy we love you all and would not be here today without you. To our great team at Mission Auto Cares Ian and Martin (William who was no longer employed with us) I love you boys like sons. You have been encouraging, helpful, considerate, hard working team members with integrity! I could not ask for more.

To my husband of almost 32 years, we have weathered the worst of storms and we are still strong together. So as painful as this one is we’ve got this! You, me and God! On to the next chapter of our lives we trudge forward. You have held me through my tears and anguish and now I will hold you. I am proud of all you have accomplished, all we have learned together.

Mission Auto Cares is closing its doors, thank you all. We love you!

 Donna and John England

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